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We provide a number of fields for rent and various sizes to accommodate virtually any team sport. We rent for not only soccer, but lacrosse, field hockey, football and more. We have the appropriate goals on site. Please see below for further details about our rental rates.


Rates range from as little as $125/hr depending on a number of factors.

Field size (1/8,1/4, 1/2, full), dates and times requested, number of dates requested. Please fill out the FIELD REQUEST FORM HERE and we will gladly let you know the availability and price. 


60 minute blocks

EIGHTH FIELD (27 x 17 yards) includes 7v7 soccer goal - 1 LAX cages

$150/ HOUR - perfect for a team rental and can fit 15-20 players in this space


QUARTER FIELD (53 x 34 yards) includes 2 7v7 soccer goal - 2 LAX cages

$300/ HOUR -for 7v7 games or 2 teams can fit 35+ players in this space

HALF FIELD (53 x 70 yards) includes 4 7v7 soccer goals + full sided soccer goal - 4 LAX cages

$600 / HOUR - very large space for (2) 7v7 games or 1 9v9 game

FULL FIELD (70 x 110 yards) includes 8 7v7 soccer goals + 2 full sided soccer goal - 8 LAX cages

$1200 / HOUR 

Winter rates from November 25- March 15

dome with field numbers.png
Dome field layout with rental breakdown.png
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