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This is a one time deal that expires Dec 17. These jersey's are being shipped to Europe.
Before they are shipped you have the opportunity to purchase them at a heavy discounted price. 

Jerseys - $18 includes number.

Add socks and shorts total price - $25.00

No payment needed at this time. Payment upon delivery

In order to reserve:

- Email HERE

- See pieces on offer below, and state the following

  1. Your  name and email

  2. Jersey only or full kit (includes Jersey, Shorts and Socks)

  3. Jersey product #

  4. Quantity

  5. Sizes

Please note:
Numbers will be 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. and up (no customer numbers)

kit 1.png
kit 2.png
kit 3.png
kit 7.png
kit 8.png
kit 10.png
kit 5.png
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